It can be hard to let go of something that was once incredibly important to you. This is the problem that many run into as they deal with a broken relationship. While some will realize that the relationship was not good for them, others will continuously work to get their ex back.

Some will have had a relationship with someone who is a great boyfriend or girlfriend. Unfortunately, others have run into relationships with partners who did not improve the quality of their lives. If you have had this type of relationship, you need to move on.

The following five reasons are the main reasons why you should not try to get your ex back:

They Were Physically Abusive

If you were in a relationship with someone who was physically abusive, you should not consider them for another relationship. While they may claim that they have changed, you should not put yourself in that position again. They failed to respect you and your body. You should not be with anyone who fails to respect you.

They Were Mentally Abusive

If you were with someone who was mentally and emotionally abusive, you should not get back with them. They worked to control and manipulate you by breaking you down and diminishing your self-worth. You should never be with someone who fails to bring out the best in you.

They Were Selfish

It can be difficult to understand why some people are more selfish than others. While it is normal to be somewhat selfish, it is not normal to be selfish enough to hurt the person that you are with. If your ex could not think about your well-being or your emotions because they were too selfish, you should not get back together with them.

They Were Immature

Immaturity can be a real problem in a relationship. If the person that you were with was immature, you need to give them time to grow up before you consider another relationship. If they still show signs of immaturity, you should not get back together with them.

They Cheated

The topic of cheating can be incredibly personal and confusing. While you may want to believe that it was a one-time mistake, you may be unsure if they can change. If someone cheated on you, they may cheat on you again. If you want to keep yourself from the possibility of being cheated on again by the same person, you should not get back together with them.

While some of these reasons serious, others are more personal. You need to take a serious look at your previous relationship to understand how your ex treated you, and how you felt as you were with them. If your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend showed these qualities, think about the value of your self-worth. If they failed to appreciate you and your worth, you should not work to get back together with them.

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