It can be difficult for many women to get over their ex boyfriend. The wounds of the relationship may still be open, allowing simple songs, shows, or moments to cause pain. Those who were dumped the pain that much more, as they are still trying to cope with the end of a relationship that they were heavily invested in.

There are plenty of people who receive mixed signals from their ex boyfriends. While the ex was the one to end the relationship, he may still show signs of wanting to get back together. It is important for exes to understand whether or not their ex boyfriend wants them back. These five signs will help you to know that your ex boyfriend still likes you and wants to get back with you.

He's Still Calling You

Your ex boyfriend is not going to try to talk to you if he is completely over you. If your boyfriend is still calling you, he still likes you. He may want to hear your voice, or he may want to see if you still have a connection with him. Either way, you can be sure that he likes you.

He's Still Texting You

Texting after a break up is similar to calling after a break up. He wants to check in on you, see what you are up to, and how you are doing. If your ex boyfriend is still texting you incessantly, he still likes you.

He Wants to Catch Up

There are plenty of relationships that end with both parties staying friends. Both people usually need a few months apart, however, to get over the break up. If your ex boyfriend wants to catch up with you less than one month after your break up, you can be sure that he still likes you.

He Wants to Take You On a Date

One of the most obvious signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you comes in the form of a simple question. If your ex boyfriend asks you out on a date, he still likes you. A date shows that he is serious about trying to get back together with you, and that he is going to try to make a move.

He Talks to Your Friends

Ex boyfriends that still like their girlfriends are going to talk to their friends. They want to know how you are doing, and want to gauge their chances at a reconciliation. If your ex boyfriend talks to your friends about you, he still likes you.

Certain actions, such as wanting to take you on a date, are going to make it obvious that your ex boyfriend still likes you. Other actions, such as calls or texts, can be misleading. Take the time to think about the entire situation; do not overreact to the different signs that you find. Simply take them into consideration as you debate your emotions and your options.

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